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Hello! It's been a while after we are pushed the updates from those species, Thank you everyone participating with this site beta testing. If you are new and interested to join the site, check this [ Google Form ] You don't need to owned one of those species to join. FTO and previous owners are welcome :>

Mods will DM you for inv code, If you were registered on site please comment your site account to get the discord Tester role and tester chat on our [ Discord Server ]

We have sites that’s still wip, members could do prompts but nothing to do with design update are allowed yet (traits changes / new designs) just collect currencies + purchasing MYO slot from shop. After get the role, read #tester-ping Feel free to ask any questions/suggestions or ping mod in#tester-question-and-suggestion

DeviantArt links won’t work on site, only toyhouse. don't try DEACTIVATED ACCOUNT you CAN NOT BRING THE ACCOUNT BACK LATER it will cause an error. You need to make new account instead :(

Your characters should be linked to your account from Toyhouse account, If they are not.. feel free to ping me DearRyufur or mods in #tester-chat / #tester-question-and-suggestion / or submit report on our site. Old characters might be linked with DeviantArt, fill this form and send us DM

  • dA username:
  • discord username:
  • toyhouse username:
  • your characters / MYO:  links of your characters on this site / or [ old toyhouse masterlist ]


  • We're currently testing the system atm. Everything in there will get test by you guys as a tester. The price of things, the quest, etc will be tested too. There're more likely to be problematic things, by any chance we'll fix the issue as appropriate as possible.
  • For the CS. The old design can be use still. But if you want to update/redesign them, you can. Keep in mind, they CANNOT turned back to the original design. These only apply to Chasen, Frania and OlyaPaw! (Kamiguri species please ignore this)
  • If you wish to request claiming things in your inventory from the previous ARPG World or so. You'll be process later on.

Little agreement so we can respect each other
  • This is most important. Do respect the Owner and Mods.
  • DO NOT create multiple accounts in the ARPG. Only one per person.
  • DO NOT rush mod to get back to you. This included the code that mod have to DM you. Please only shoot us a message politely if it's longer than 5-7 business day.
What can you do in this beta test?
  • Transfering characters
  • Buy the MYO from Shop
  • Submit general monthly  prompts
  • Report bugs on sites
  • See the access updates
  • Suggest ideas
Upcoming update?
  • Newbie guides
  • New and edited traits (OlyaPaw, Chasen, Frania)
  • Element quests, Growth quests, Lore / Story quests
  • OlyaPaw, Chasen, and Frania sub-species
  • Rewrite world lore
  • Pets / Process collections 

Anyways, Thank you so much for being our tester! We're very grateful for every tester that are willing to join us. We'll try our best to make this place as fun as possible! Any further information can be found in the ARPG! We'll see you there!


[ Christmas Event ] Snow Pine Tree 🎄

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Merry Merry Christmas~! ⛄️🎉

Greetings everyone! Winter is back again and we have some little activities for the Beta players. 💚❤️💚❤️

Let’s see what we have here!

The Activity’s list

Too bad that we couldn’t have an activity during Halloween.  So we will no longer let this Christmas be as jolly as it seems…! With these you can get random slime pets ] 

[ Click here to see all activities prompts!]

  1. Minigame: Decorate the Christmas tree 🎄
    Use the provided template and decorate it using your own creativity!

  2. Minigame: Design your Christmas card 📝
    To whom would you like to write a Christmas card for?  Your friend?  Lover?  Or perhaps your lovely pet!
  1. Minigame: Christmas coloring 🎨
    Download this file and draw/paint your resinvian or other’s resinvians

  2. Event Prompt: Seasonal Christmas Prompts!🎄
    trick or gift! Among a snowy winter night, have you been well-behaved? 

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

  3. General Prompt: ◈ GIFT ART prompt
    adding an extra ticket rewards :3

Minigames & Event prompts will last for 2 months (December 1 - January 31)

You have to submit your art to the gallery, then copy and paste the link in prompt submission

Moreover, there will be 4 free pre-made kamiguri raffles by DearRyufur !

You can earn an extra raffle ticket by submitting the ◈ GIFT ART prompt between 2023, Dec 1st - 2024, Jan 31st 

If you did all seasonals + 2 months giftart you can get up to 8 raffle tickets!

Hope you enjoy your Christmas Winter!

Hiring coders / moderators / artists

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🦋 Coders
Help us fix small bugs / errors , and help us avoid any site bugs. Nothing too big like custom codes. Must familar with LK (Lorekeeper) platform

🦋 Moderators: prompt mods
We are looking for users who can approve any prompts or event submissions.

You must:
- Answer questions in our Discord.
- Do approvals of submissions (prompts, claims, reports, and other submissions)
- Help users with their submissions, such as how to calculate their scores!
- Be able to answer friendly and professionally!

🦋 Artists
You will be tasked with making art with an artstyle similar to the one we currently use! This includes creating assets such as items and event/prompt banners!
You are also free to suggest your own ideas and help our current world artists!
we are not looking for adoptable guest artists! Only world/asset artists at the moment!


We are offering
- One MYO every 2 months (any Resinvear species) not a slot! This mean you can only create while you are currently within the position (this does not stack!)
- the ability to participate in a sale/adopt post by our founders!
- The ability to make one adopt per month
- And ARPG goodies in exchange (coins, gems, pets)

Applications close January 1st, 2023. You must be over 18 to apply!

[ apply here ]

important announcement

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important announcement 🌼🍁

This is because some of our CSs have been hard-referenced since the Facebook page is released (such as traits, similarly-story ideas and systems) by neighboring CSs for a few years. It's been a long time since we decided to keep things quiet and improve Resinvear instead and shows our process less than before.

We've been updating, and improving the main story and more concrete information for over a year. To make those unique, without any problems with anyone, this is a peaceful and effective way to increase the efficiency of Resinvear.

Of course, we can understand that creating good work often gets inspiration from existing works. System References are understandable, but you should improve and refine your thought process more, not just pick it and make it your own.

And the latest update and all information is already 80% written. Only world arts for a specified period of time, such as events, and after the website officially opens.

what do we have? 🍁

- guild
- seeking quest items
- elemental
- alternate forms
- scoring/ bonus points
- pets
- battles
- exploring
- collecting
- fishing
- story and some mysterious quest
- events and mini-games
- shops
- key items for ???
- breeding
- school
- more stories with other
- gachapon

modification 🍁

- world map
- traits and items
- species’s lore
- how to unlock world map / mini-map / underwater map
- breeding again*
- sub-species and alternates
- how kamiguris moved in

Thank you for your patience. We need to take more time to think due to uneasiness and various tasks IRL. We apologize for the delay process

Registering in site still open until the ends of December!